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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  June 4, 2011 4:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> gregg: fox news alert. brand-new details in a murder trial of accused child killer casey anthony. >> heather: forensic experts taking the stand in a rare saturday session. >> gregg: testifying about a key piece of evidence that could be a turning point in the high profile case, a single strand of hair found in casey anthony's car. >> the hair was microscopically the hair sample as identified coming from casey anthony. you have hair, in-12 in
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similarities found in hairbrush belonging to casey anthony. >> gregg: welcome to a brand-new hour. in today's testimony. defense claims that caylee accidentally drowned in the grandparents pool. now following all the dramatic development. >> julie: a lot of evidence was presented today. it started at 9:00 in the morning and ended about 1:00 p.m. jurors got a forensic science lesson. the state's first witness was f.b.i. forensic examiner low who testified about hairs found in the trunk of the car. they maintain the hair belongs to little caylee. the f.b.i. examiner she confirmed that it belongs to anthony family member whether it
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came from them while alive or not is in question. >> that one hair is still something you cannot say came in a dead person? >> i can't say absolutely that is the reason, that is correct. >> julie: yesterday jurors watched hours of jailhouse videos which the state hopes will disprove the defenses surprising theory that caylee anthony had died in an accidental drowning in the family swimming pool. in one case, he was the best father and grandfather. remember her story is that her father, george anthony had taken the baby, lifeless baby and blamed her death on casey. she claims in that video testimony that the jurors were presented with she thanked him for being such a great-grandfather which would disprove that story. >> gregg: what other evidence was presented? >> air samples.
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as a lawyer, this is something you hear every single day, air being a piece of evidence. prosecution maintains that the smell inside the trunk was consistent with human decomposition. yesterday the crime search investigator testified that the odor of human decomposition wasped from he opened the door. my opinion is it was human decomposition so it was presented to the jury, they want those cans opened up for the jury to smell. listen. >> not only the vehicle but the garage that the vehicle, the vehicle was parked in, i took air samples of the garage itself. >> julie: the state announced on friday it plans to wrap-up the death penalty case against casey anthony on or around four weeks into testimony after the state rests the defense will present its case to the jury. the trial predicted to last between six or eight weeks.
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the judge wants to get this going why is you saw the rare saturday session. >> gregg: just the opposite of the infamous lance ito. he took his time. julie, thanks very much. >> heather: we are tracking some extreme flooding in the dakotas. heavy rains and snow melt on the missouri river forcing tens of thousands from their homes. while many more say they are preparing for the worst. maria molina is live with more on this. >> hi, heather, we're talking about flooding along another river, we saw ohio and mississippi river and now along parts of montana and dakotas. this is result of above average snowfall across the rockies and that is starting to melt as well as above normal precipitation amounts. a lot of rain has fallen in the last several weeks. there are number of flood
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warnings and watches out across this region. we're not expecting any additional rainfall but one is going to be in place. expect the snow to continue to melt across that region. another system we're watching is very slow moving area of low pressure across the state of california. this is actually going to remain offshore through tomorrow. expect more heavy rain. you can see it here on the satellite radar, sitting here and spinning and lots of heavy rain and rain is across the mountains that have seen some of the snow melting. then we have severe weather, severe thunderstorm watch in effect until tonight. this area could be looking at large hail and damaging wind gusts and isolated tornadoes also possible. >> heather: thanks. >> gregg: we are getting new details on the destruction in massachusetts after three deadly tornadoes ripped through the western and central parts of the state. national weather service
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confirming one of the tornadoes was an ef-3 with wind speeds 165 miles per hour. wednesday's storms killed three people and ravaged more than 200 homes across the state. crews in springfield scrambling to remove the debris, fixing power lines and desperately trying to get schools reopen by monday. >> heather: right now firefighters in arizona, they are struggling to beat back two of the largest wildfires in state history. they get some help from the weather. wind has been fueling the flames. they are expected to die down today. fires are now burning in flag staff and several other areas, forcing dozens of families to swaek evacuate destroying four homes and burning 300 square miles of land. >> gregg: conflict in libya where nato forces are unleashing a new weapon in their aerial assault. british and french helicopters
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being deployed for the first time hitting pro-government troops near a vielt vital oil city. the helicopters could be a game changer and they intensify the pressure. dan springer is live from benghazi. >> this is an escalation of the war. everyone from the nato commanders down to the rebel leaders have been talking about helicopters as being a potential game changer because they bring a whole new weaponry to the fight. first mission was early this morning. they left from aircraft carrier in the mediterranean sea. the first target in the coastal town of brega. it's been controlled by khadafy's army and it's a major exporting port of oil. first aapa which i equipped with 30 millimeters cannons and they
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can be deadly accurate because they fly so low to the ground. nato says they were successful in taking out vehicles and weapons depot. they say the goal is to put additional appreciate on khadafy's loyalists. >> the use of helicopters is a logical extension of what we've been doing. we had jets but it gives us a chance to make new targets that we weren't able to do. >> reporter: despite the optimism, some people saying it could be game changers. other experts says it's not going to be the silver bullet to end the war. meantime, as far as diplomatic measures, there was another visit by a high ranking official. this time the foreign minister of great britain meeting with the national transition council and china has made the first
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reach out to the ntc. this is important because china has been on the fence in this fight. they have not taken sides and now it looks like they already backing in the c. >> gregg: dan, thanks very much. turning now to pakistan, thousands of supporters of a radical islamic party staging a massive demonstration. >> they were venting their anger against the united states, calling for an end to the presence in afghanistan and a halt to american drone attacks. protests coming just after ilyas kashmiri was killed in a drone attack near the border. >> heather: 2012 presidential field courting the powerful
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religious right, addressing the first annual faith and freedom coalition conference in our nation's capitol. molly henneberg is live with the latest. who was speaking at the forum today. >> molly: this is the second and final day of the faith and freedom conference a chance from religious conservatives to hear from leaders from washington as well as those that may seek the white house. rick santorum addressed the crowd. he will be announcing his run for the presidency on monday. he started to hit a couple of key matters saying that he is always been pro-life and for traditional marriage. >> people always say, you're the social conservative candidate. i said, yes, i'm very proud of the fact i was the point man in the united states congress on issues that where i believe vitally important. >> molly: newt gingrich will
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address the conference today by way of a pre-taped address. and businessman herman cain will speak to the crowd later this evening. >> heather: molly, has the focus mainly been on social issues? >> molly: senator sit on those more than others but they talked about the country's financial picture. >> this is nation that faces four dollar a gallon gasoline. we have crushing levels of unemployment that hurting our fellow citizens. we've got a federal government that is out of control. >> i also think it's a moral tragedy for us to pile up more and more debt. we know we can't pay off during our lifetimes and pushing that on to the next generation. i think it's totally inexcusable >> molly: also the other people who have spoken at the forum, minnesota congresswoman michele bachmann, john huntsman and texas congressman ron paul.
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>> heather: with a 9.1% unemployment rate. >> gregg: president obama facing a setback after disastrous jobs report but you would never know it by listening to white house economic advisor. >> there will be bumps in the road but our effort has got to be as a nation get the growth rate back up and keep at the kind of trajectory we've seen over six months which is adding substantial jobs. >> gregg: ticking up to 9.1% for unemployment and scant 54,000 jobs created in may. what does it mean for reelection prospects. joining me now shura -- the president goes out and delivers this major speech on the economy
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and how automakers are driving the recovery and makes no mention of the abysmal numbers. internet address, he ignores it. he did say, again, there will be bumps in the road to recovery. in truth, is that just spin or is the white house in double? >> look, he said there were bumps in the road. i wouldn't say they are bumps, they are more like hills. this is not a speed bump. edging up in unemployment rate that is not good for the white house. i'm sure they have seen the numbers. that is why they are not talking about them. president obama had a choice to speaking to those automakers and the choice of words. he chose not to talk about the unemployment rate. frankly, i think they would pretend it didn't happen. >> gregg: it was a little surprising instead of directly and honestly facing the news, he has chief economist, overall
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economy has improved over the last couple of years. an op-ed in the "new york post", here is their view. private sector job growth is apeople in mick. home prices falling again. the dollar keeps -- >> gregg: the nation is facing a default. this could crash the economy. this is more like a catastrophe than improvement, isn't it? >> the numbers are very grim and they are not very good. there are huge issues at stake, getting the debt limit passed and address a deficit plan, these are huge issues. there is no doubt the economy is not where the white house would
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like it to be right now. >> gregg: how does that shape or reshape the presidential race in 2012? >> it's pivotal. the it's still the economy, stupid. the economy matters more than anything else. the president hasn't been re-elected with this high unemployment rate since fdr since 1936. >> gregg: i want to backtrack to yesterday's speech. some might conclude the president almost broke his arm patting himself in the back for bailing out chrysler and general motors but the truth is, president bush who made the decision to 2000. he granted the first bridge loans to those very auto companies that set forth the road to the bailouts. president obama, i double checked it today, gave not a word of credit to his predecessor. were you struck by that?
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>> you know, i wasn't struck by that as much. i can tell you what i was struck by, but the irony of speaking to an auto plant where gas prices have been so high. we have seen some improvement come down a little bit but ask anyone who is forking over $50 a tank. that is an issue. they are not thinking about the chrysler or gm bailout. they are thinking about how much money to drive their car around. >> gregg: getting back to 2012, who might be better to take position of a bad economy. it would be a guy like mitt romney? >> i think he is trying to position himself in that corner. he has talked about the economy. he is very strong economic background. he is a former governor and single term in massachusetts. he would like to position himself as that candidate, but i think there are other notable candidates in the field who are fighting for that area right now
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you showed footage from the faith and freedom coalition, but a lot of those contenders were talking about jobs and economy which really shows even in a conference that is geared toward social issues, the economy is the most important issue right now. >> gregg: joe biden came out about the deficit and the deem over the ceiling increase. he said we can make cuts but it's going to have to mean revenue increases, that means tax increases. is there any appetite for that on the hill? >> i think there is some appetite for certain tax increases but once you open that can of worms, you'll have to deal with the entire tax code. there is some talk about that but the house republicans control the house right now. so you have to get it through the house which is rather unlikely. >> gregg: thanks so much.
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>> heather: the home of one of al-qaeda's most active terror groups and now hitting the breaking point, yemen in turmoil. back to john bolton in just minutes and what it means for our security. >> plus dealing with trouble overseas, we'll talk about that and also the death of lawrence eagle burger, that is coming up. consequence of world full of nuclear powers to me is so incomprehensible of the dangers that is implied. one nuclear war will be the last war if it gets out of hand. i don't think we're prepared to accept that sort of thing. hmmm...italian. [ female announcer ] thinking italian tonight? hamburger helper has six delicious flavors, like lasagna. hamburger helper. one pound, one pan, one happy family.
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>> gregg: a major passing of
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note. former secretary of state lawrence eagleburger has died. he passed away in charlottesville, virginia after a short illness. he was the only career foreign service officer to rise to secretary of state serving as our country's top diplomat for five months in 1992. joining us is k.t. mcfarland. i interviewed him 20 to 30 times of all the people who was a diplomat he was very deliberate and honest. he would always give you a direct answer and such a delight? >> absolutely. he was the greatest foreign service officer in his generation. in the jobs whether they were on the national security council or at the pentagon he was always in the middle. he was one of greatest foreign policy achievements. he was a mentor of mine.
4:23 pm
i started working for him when i was 18 years old and henry kissinger's deputy at the white house. if you look back tha at that period it's a legendary period. we ended the vietnam war. it was the opening to china. first middle east peace negotiations, the first arms control agreements with soviet union and then when the soviet union probing up in the reagan administration, larry had a critical role in making sure that went smoothly and there was not a conflicts as a result of it. he is above and shoulders above anyone in his generation. >> gregg: he had a good sense of american adversaries, what motivated them, what might precipitate to act or not act. it was really extraordinary. >> he could -- he used to say about our boss, henry kissinger,
4:24 pm
he could see around corners. he could see where things were going. i think larry eagleburger was that way, too. he saw the break up of soviet union on the horizon. we would win the cold war but it has to be in a way not to invade eastern europe. so he really new people. he knew where they were going and he had a sense of what nations would do when they were pushed into a crisis. >> gregg: he was such a down to earth guy. here a guy i would like to have a beer with. we would have great conversations i would imagined. tell me how you will remember him. >> i met with him about five or six months ago. i interviewed him for the show that i do on the fox website, fox news live.
4:25 pm
larry eagleburg wares chain-smoker. he kept telling people he was giving it's up. he never gave it up. we were at a place where there were signs that said no smoking and he had me open his windows and he kept asking the aides to look down the hall to bust him for smoking. >> gregg: that is amazing. he use the aspirator to ease the pain but he kept on smoking. what a great guy. k.t. thanks for sharing your thoughts. >> gregg: lawrence beingburger has passed away at the age of 80. this is great story. a florida woman recently blind since the age of 11 is given the
4:26 pm
beautiful gift of sight. lasik eye surgery. ashley coleman has the story. >> i can really see! >> she never thought this day would ever come. >> i was not expecting to see this person. >> these videos shot by doctors show ester's first moments after lasik eye surgery. she was considered legally blind doctor after doctor said lasik could not give her ier sight. >> every doctor would say no. >> reporter: but finally she heard a yes from a local doctor. he told her he could help her see again but it would take going above and beyond the standard lasik surgery?
4:27 pm
>> when you look at the patient, there are several techniques we can do and we can customize it to the patient. >> it worked. now, the trips to the doctor's office are happy ones, filled with hope because everything she can finally see. >> being able to look at my kids being able to drive. being able to see colors. it's so different. >> heather: that was ashley coleman reporting. >> gregg: it's ab amazing. >> not seeing system the age of 11:00. >> gregg: i had lasik surgery 12 years ago and i always wore glasses and it's changed people, tens of thousands. get lasik. i'll give you the name of my doctor.
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a u.s. ally in the fight of terror on the verge of a meltdown as the president in yemen survives an attack. turmoil sparking big concerns here. ambassador john bolton will break it all down. you can now get fox news anywhere any time, fox news ipad app. it's now available, go to for more information. there are a few folks that came out today in front of fox news headquarters to say hello to heather childers. >> heather: and gregg. that'll . trees and shrubs to give us depth. and fill it out with flowers placed in just the perfect place. let's start at the place with the best plants, people, and prices. what do youay we plant a weekend, water it, and watch a summer spring up? more saving.ore doing. that's the power of the home depot. we're lowering the cost of keeping the pests away,
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>> gregg: major developments in the casey anthony murder trial. f.b.i. forensic expert taking the witness stand and telling jurors that a hair removed from casey's car showed signs of decomposition. >> heather: city officials in
4:32 pm
bismarck, north dakota planning a major sandbagging effort. tens of thousands of people in the region they have been forced from their home so far. >> gregg: miracle on the hudson plane, flight 1549 on its way to the new home at carolinas aviation museum. >> heather: in one of his his last acts as defense secretary, robert gates, the trip comes as a potential turning point ending nearly a decades' long war. he says recent gains on the battlefield could read read lead to reconciliation with the taliban by the end of the year. >> reporter: in recent days there has been a great deal of criticism of the u.s. strategy here in afghanistan, not only from american politicians but also here in afghanistan. today, secretary gates
4:33 pm
reaffirmed for is his support for the strategy here that it is working and making gains in terms of security and may force the taliban into negotiations and what many senior officials think is happening in afghanistan. in a matter of weeks, u.s. military is set to begin a drawdown of troops but secretary gates said that will be a modest drawdown. we haven't been told how many it is. there are rumors 5,000 in the next few weeks, but secretary gates did say there will be a very modest drawdown. there is a lot of debated about what the strategy is going forward today. secretary gates said the afghans must do more in afghanistan to provide for their own security and need to step up in order to ensure their transition from u.s. and international forces to afghans is successful. the real question going forward, there does seem to be a certain amount of progress in terms of
4:34 pm
securing the country. the question is there enough progress to make the transition successful going forward. now secretary gates is using the next couple of days to thank troops for their service. he has said time and time again, one of the things he misses most when he leaves department of defense he won't have as much interaction with the u.s. troops so it's as much as policy visit to meet with karzai as it is to thank troops here in afghanistan. >> heather: thank you very much. >> gregg: afghanistan one of the many international hot spots now facing the white house. yemen is in a difficult situation. crisis hitting the boiling point after the president there barely survived an attack on his compound yesterday. we're hearing reports that he and four other top officials may be seeking medical care in saudi arabia to treat wounds sustained in that attack. now, this country stands on the
4:35 pm
brink of all out civil war. joining us now is former u.s. ambassador to the united nations great to see you, john bolton the president narrowly avoided being killed, what impact will that have on his presidency, but the leadership of his country going forward and to the american efforts that to contain al-qaeda there? >> i think it's unlikely that the president there is going to be negotiate with his adversaries. the fact he is in saudi arabia indicates his wounds were probably more severe than his government wants to led on and it might be more intimate discussions with the saudis. the fact that the government has lost more control is clearly something advantageous to al-qaeda and to iran given the presence of shea militia and one
4:36 pm
of the tribes in the north. this process toward anarchy bad news to the united states. >> gregg: let's turn from yemen to libya, nato forces using attack helicopters to put pressure on moammar khadafy. does that change the equation in a meaningful way? >> look, everybody is saying all the western european leaders now admitting that removing khadafy from power is our objective. that is consistent what president obama said he wanted to do is protect innocent libyan civilians but why are we doing this in slow motion. if we know what our objective, let's do it and get this over with. that is to protect innocent civilians and hastens the accomplishment of the only legitimate national security
4:37 pm
interest which is throwing khadafy out of power. >> gregg: an important event, to the palestinians, they have agreed to accept negotiations in paris. aimed at reviving the peace talks. is this simply their strategy by passing negotiations with the israelis and to try to obtain recognition for a palestinian state at the u.n.? >> it's unclear what our good friend the french are up to here. i think the constitutional between the two major palestinian factions, hamas and fatah effectively ends any chance for negotiations between israel and the palestinians, and it should. i don't think they are we should negotiate with a terrorist group like hamas. what the french are up to, as i say, is not clear. if this reflects a bending of the european position or a weakening of their agreement
4:38 pm
with us not to negotiate with hamas, that is very bad news. >> gregg: finally, i must ask you about syria. government there has shut down the internet, which obviously is going to create difficulty for rebel forces to -- protestors i should say to communicate and organize. now, we know as the protestors are rising, syrian government is moving tanks into position against them. what is going to happen there? >> i think more bloodshed. the bathee party regime is quasi fascist. that has been clear for decades with anybody with eyes to see. now syria is effectively a satellite of iran which will shed a lot of blood before it allows the asad regime to fall. it's an important staging area for support for terrorist groups like hezbollah and lebanon and
4:39 pm
the gaza strip so i don't see any change in the future. >> gregg: finally i must ask you about the passing of former secretary of state lawrence eagleburger at the age of 80. >> he was a great american. he was real kick to work for. he was clearied, utterly realistic in his assessment of the threat of the soviet union. he understood central and eastern europe and critical in bush 41 efforts when the soviet union was collapsing. he was very important in the yugoslav break-up and he was a great leader among analysts. he will be greatly be missed. >> gregg: ambassador john bolton our appreciation your thoughts on secretary of states lawrence
4:40 pm
eagle burger. >> heather: dramatic testimony the latest in the casey anthony murder trial. and public's obsession with the case. our power panel weighs in. plus john edwards is promising to fight a federal indictment accusing him of violating campaign laws. the case against him may be very hard to prove. thanks to the venture card from capital one,
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>> gregg: here are some of headlines, first papal crypto croatia and coming out strongly to join the european yeen union. >> a massive volcano towering above mexico city shooting ash two miles into the air, people were advised to is stay away several miles. and man who kept the peace in god's city has died, james
4:44 pm
arness, played marshal matt dillon for 20 years, one of longest running television characters ever. >> heather: forensic expert taking the stand with dramatic testimony in the high profile case of casey anthony. the entire case could now hinge on a single strand of hair. our power panel. lis weil, and borrelli and kirsten power. power women today. everybody is talking about the attention of this case is getting unparalleled. murder case of casey anthony, today an expert said that the hair found in the trunk of her car had evidence of an apparent
4:45 pm
decomposition but couldn't say whether it matched the hair of caylee? >> another big piece of this puz am. why is this decomposing hire in there. the air sample and air sample both. but it will come down more is really she reacted to her daughter's going and her death. mothers know that you would never do that. if your child is missing, gone missing, you would do anything, you would throw yourself on the train track to get information to her parents. she didn't do any of that. >> heather: what do you think? >> my heart goes out to them. it's such a sad and tragic event that happened. a lot of people are focused on this case. people are drawn into these
4:46 pm
sensationalized cases, o.j. simpson, michael jackson but for my personally it should be more on a focus, what is wrong with wrong with the country, high gasoline prices, high unemployment. >> you can be concerned about big economic issues but this really hits the heart of people especially women who are saying, what mother would act like that. we don't want to leave you outside. what do you have to say? >> i mean, look i'm not one of the people who follows these kinds of cases. i know a little bit about it. it's very tragic, i think lis is right, it captures people's attention because most people are parents. particularly for mothers they look at this and they think -- how could this be? a picture of her partying after
4:47 pm
her daughter is missing. it's very disturbing. i think you have sort of a natural desire, what makes this woman tick? >> remember the scott peterson case, there was so much national attention to o, that i covered that case. what i found people were so interested because the women thought, who am i sleeping with. here, moms are thinking, what kind of mother would do that. you look at susan smith and andrea yates. it does happen. >> some in north carolina say -- but another case going on in the great state of north carolina, democratic candidate john edwards indicted for misusing a million to pay the expenses of his mistress. this is coming down. >> six counts on friday. it will be a tough case for the
4:48 pm
prosecution because its novel approach. usually campaign finance, fraud goes to the campaign. here it did not, but there are a lot of indications that used broadly the law could work to convict edwards. >> heather: right now, they don't like him. >> he has loss the battle with the opinion of the n public of the people. he could have been president of the united states, but the man is a liar. he a cheater and my question is, i wonder if he was lying before the -- >> of course, he was lying. [ laughter ] >> the kirsten, we know she cheater and we know he a liar. does he also steal? >> it's one of those things, most people would be perfectly
4:49 pm
happy to see him go to jail because he is such a slimy character and the question is whether he broke the law. i can't really speak that specifically to the law other than what i've read. they are using somewhat arcane finance law that makes it difficult for pin him down on this. >> if the prosecution can show that money was spent to cover up the affair to benefit his campaign, not necessarily anything to do with his wife or family, but to benefit his campaign -- i think they can make a good argument with that, had the scandal broken wide open while he was still running, that there would be no presidential campaign. the donors wanted to help him after the $400 haircut. >> it definitely benefited.
4:50 pm
>> he would have been out of the race. >> the rules apply to everyone, no one is above the law. >> heather: coming up next, we're going to talk about new jersey's governor chris christie taking heat for a helicopter ride. at first he was saying state business, but he has cut a check. could it hurt the governor's image of being fiscally fit. our panel will weigh in up next. by thorough preparation for events to come. well somewhere along the way, emily went right on living but you see, with the help of her raymond james financiaadvisor, she had planned f every eventuality. which meant she continued to have the means to live on... even at the ripe old age of 187. life well planned. see what a raymond james advisor can do for you.
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>> heather: more with our panel. >> after taking some heat we mentioned this before the break for using a state police helicopter to get to his son's baseball game, governor chris
4:54 pm
christie says he will pay for using it out of his own pocket. how do we feel about this? >> this is a new definition for helicopter parents, literally but as a mom as a little leaguer i can understand. good for him. but he probably shouldn't have been using state funds and he is fiscally could conservative i think he is doing right thing cutting a check. >> you have to balance the personal life with the work life. i feel for him. but however, this is a poor choice on his part. he has paid it back but it was only after the fact. >> you know, what he said in his press conference, something like his son said, thanks, dad for being there. i wish there were more dads, coming to a baseball game or
4:55 pm
soccer matches. >> what do you think? >> major no, no, you don't do this. if he was going to do it. he should have up front said i will be reimbursing for it. i think it's one of these things if he wasn't so popular in the media, he would be completely decimated for it. it's not something you are ever supposed to do. >> heather: not the first to do it by any means. >> certainly not. but you are never suppose to you government property for personal use unless you reimbursed for it. >> heather: final story, it took 20 years but the u.s. department of agriculture the pyramid, they are making a food plate at a cost of $2 million. why is it costing $2 million, that is what i want to know? >> my eighth grader could have drawn that. the other thing i want to know, i could never figure it out. who eats on a plate like that in a regular family.
4:56 pm
i understand the idea, but two million dollars on this? >> where is the obama chowed down on two chili dogs. >> kids are going to eat whatever they want. this is a waste of tax dollars. >> what do you think kirsten? >> i don't know why it cost so much money to do it but it's a lot easier to understand the pyramid. it's interesting they are telling you you don't need meat, i think it's actually pretty helpful. >> some might say it's too simple. >> the thing is, too, take for ex ample the chili dog, if you could find places on the plate for the chili dog, i'm sorry, my
4:57 pm
plates don't look like that every day. >> heather: president obama worked it out on the golf course i'm sure. >> gregg: and large glass of sugar, plenty of times i've never seen you without one. >> casey anthony's trial continues over the murder of her daughter, will she or won't she take the witness stand in her own defense and what might this mean if she does. okay guys, what sounds good for dinner tonight? i don't know, something. [ mom ] something... ♪ mexican. [ female annouer ] thinking mexican tonight? hamburger helper has five festive flavors like crunchy taco. hamburger helper. one pound. one pan. one happy family.
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. >> heather: hello, i'm heather childers. will come to a brand new news hour. >> gregg: the man some said was the natural replacement for osama bin laden now reportedly killed in a drown attack in pakistan. >> heather: secretary gates on his farewell tour of afghanistan. >> diplomatic giant passing at the age of 80. we look back on the life of former secretary of state, lawrence eagleburger. new details in the case a anthony murder trial. testimony about a single strand of hair found in the car. and what was said could make or break the case. julie banderas is following the developments for us from our new york city newsroom.
5:01 pm
>> julie: jurors got a lesson in forensic science today on the 10th day of trial. they were explained about hair samples and air samples. the state's first witness was fbi forensic examiner to testify regarding microscopic hair found in the trunk of anthony's car. prosecution maintains the hairs belong to caylee. and the smell inside was consistent with human decomposition. the fbi examiner did say the hair found in the trunk matches hair taken from caylee's brush. whether it came from her while she was alive or not, is in question. >> that one hair, is still something that you cannot say came from a dead person? >> i can't say absolutely that's the reason the characteristics are present, correct. >> julie: caylee's skeletal remains were found in december 2008, duct tape wrapped three times around her skull, mouth
5:02 pm
and nose is the only evidence indicating cause of death. yesterday the crime scene investigator who searched casey's car testified the odor of human decomposition wafted from the interior as soon as he opened the door. jurors watched hours of jailhouse videos which the state hopes will disprove the defense's surprising theory heard day one of the trial that caylee died in an accidental drowning in the family pool. and casey's father george health the child's lifeless body as he blamed casey for the death in jail video, casey tells her father. dad you were the best father and grandfather, done think first a second, because i won't let you. today was a half day. the trial resumes monday. predicted to last between six and eight weeks. >> heather: thank you julie. there's surprising moves being made by the judge in the case. we will take a closer look at him.
5:03 pm
and how the prosecution's case is shaping up so far. >> gregg: former secretary of state lawrence eagleburger has died. he served during the last months of george h.w. bush's presidency after baker died to help with which -- with a '92 campaign. he had this to say: we sent larry >> gregg: in 2009, eagleburger joined greta van susteren and talked about the significance of the united states to global peace and security.
5:04 pm
>> whether we like it or not, we're stuck with that role of being the single most important factor for global peace and security. that is a responsibility that is at best hard to bear under any circumstances. and it is not one that you can bear at all, if you don't think it is important. >> gregg: eagleburger was 80-years-old. and the only career foreign service officer to become secretary of state. >> heather: all-star cast of republicans are in washington today attending the faith and freedom coalition's convention. among speakers many who are running for president or thinking about it. former pennsylvania senator santorum talked up his credentials today. >> i had always been pro-life. i had always been for traditional marriage.
5:05 pm
but i'd always been like a lot of . a lot of folks said -- who come and make the pledge. vow to social conservatives that they will check the boxes. they will be for the things that social conservatives care about. ladies and gentlemen, i just don't take the pledge, i take the bullets. >> heather: molly henneberg is live for news washington. some big names have yet to speak who is coming up tonight? >> reporter: the faith and freedom coalition will hear from two more already an puns noed candidates. former house speaker newt gingrich will talk to this group of religious conservatives via a pretaped message that he . businessman herman cain will be there and is scheduled to speak tonight. it has been a busy couple of days. others who addressed the coalition include minnesota congresswoman michelle bachmann. jon huntsman.
5:06 pm
tim pawlenty. and texas congressman ron paul. business mogul donald trump who indicated earlier this week that the door may not be completely shut for him on a presidential run also came to washington to speak at this i haven't. >> heather: as we might expect they are -- all focusing on a common target is that right? >> reporter: yes,. >> . -- yes, president obama. >> did you hear what he spade about the 9.1% unemployed americans? he said that is just a bump in the road. no, mr. president that is not a bump, that's americans. people ask what is the most important thing in this election? i said repealing obamacare. >> reporter: congresswoman bachmann promised the crowd she would not rest until that law is repealed. >> heather: thank you molly henneberg, thank you. from the fox extreme weather center, new video
5:07 pm
showing the damage from tornado ravaged springfield, massachusetts. take a look at these amazing pictures coming into from yourecord. you can almost see the see the path flattening buildings while leaving some areas untouched. the storms killed at least three people. meteorologist maria molina. >> that tornado is now estimated that it had winds of 160 miles per hour as it tore through springfield, massachusetts. it is an ef-3. it left a path of destruction of about 39 miles. very long track, very unfortunate. today, unfortunately, we are looking at another risk for severe weather. this time from eastern parts of nebraska east through western pennsylvania. we have conditions becoming favorable for severe thunderstorms to develop. severe thunderstorm watch has been issue you'd across
5:08 pm
chicago, through northwestern -- through northwestern portions of ohio in effect until 9 p.m. central time, 10 p.m. eastern time. there are storms that fired up in the city of chicago. severe thunderstorm warning in chicago for the storms until 45 past the hour. we are looking at the possibility of wind gusts in excess of 60 miles per hour that could cause damage. no tornado warnings in effect yet. another area of low pressure we are tracking across california bringing in heavy rainfall this loop from the past six hours. in the past six hours, it has not stopped raining in these areas along central california. we are expecting a lot of rain this this is going to be a slow mover not just today even as we head into sunday and monday to kickoff the workweek. another big story with the weather, extreme heat in the south. upper 90s for highs today that is going to be the case again tomorrow. factor in how humid it is, it feels like we are in the triple digits.
5:09 pm
stay hydrated if you are headed out for a long period of time, including memphis, dallas, upper 90s tomorrow and even new orleans. >> gregg: maria molina, thanks very much. >> heather: al-qaeda vowing re after a u.s. strike reportedly takes out one of its top leaders. i and several other militants said to have -- he and several other militants said to have been killed late last night in pakistan near the afghan border. he been one of the five most wanted al-qaeda leads. if true, his death another blow to the terror group a month after bin laden was kill. >> in afghanistan outgoing secretary of defense robert gates dropping in as part of his farewell tour. he met with american leaders there. then he met with the afghan president karzai saying the afghans need to take more control of their own security. connor powell with live. >> reporter: this is the 12th time secretary gates has
5:10 pm
visited afghanistan since becoming head of the pentagon. today during a press conference with president karzai he rean formed his support for the current u.s. counter insurgency strategy in afghanistan. at the same time urging afghans to do more to step up so they are taking a larger role in the current strategy. this is in some ways con tick -- contradictory the u.s. military has said they are making progress but they know they need afghans to do more to make transitioning from the international coalition that is providing security here to that afghan security bubble. there's a lot of pressure on afghans from the international community and from secretary gates for the afghans to do more, to step up. today secretary gates also met with general petraeus the top american commander here, this is part of a strategy to put more pressure on the afghans to step up during this transition phase, which is set
5:11 pm
to start july 1st. during this transition phase from international security forces handing over to afghan security forces, secretary gates said there will be a modest draw-down of u.s. forces in afghanistan. he would not commit to a specific number according to military commanders in afghanistan that number is still being worked out between the pentagon and white house. secretary gates would only say that draw down will be modest. during the next few days he will be meeting with u.s. troops to thank them for their support and their fighting effort here in afghanistan going forward. second father gates will also might with other members of the afghan government and other u.s. officials. this is primarily a thank you tour for secretary gates to thank u.s. troops. and to wrap up his time in office here with afghan officials that he has been working with for the past few years. >> gregg: conor, thanks very much. >> heather: a first in the fighting in libya. nato troops using attack
5:12 pm
helicopters to watch chet up the pressure on the gadhafi regime. -- to ratchet up the pressure on the gadhafi regime. choppers going after their targets. forces on the ground loyal to gadhafi. dan stringer, streaming live from benghazi, libya. >> reporter: the use of these attack helicopters has been highly anticipated. they increase the firepower and accuracy in the few against the pro gadhafi forces. after their first mission nato officials couldn't wait to show media how they are in action. officials say they took out more than a $military vehicles. large weapons depot and other command buildings. all in the town of brega, an important oil port held by gadhafi forces since the beginning. the helicopters are evenly divided between france and briton. they carry a punch with
5:13 pm
missiles and cannons. they come with extra risk to pilots because they fly so low to the ground. french pilots getting shot at this morning, but not hit. rebels secured a few more small towns in the mountains west of tripoli. allowing the opposition to cut off a supply route. less than 100 miles from tripoli, the closest rebel forces to the capital. until benghazi, britain's foreign minister medicine met with the transition got and planned their support. a chinese diplomat made contact with the council. the first time they've done that. that may indicate that china is willing to get off the fence in this conflict in libya. >> heather: thank you very much. anger and frustration growing in the middle east. protests spilling into the streets of syria. we get new reports of tanks
5:14 pm
moving toward a central city where dozens of people were killed there yesterday. meanwhile, one week after the border crossing between egypt and gaza was opened up, suddenly it shutdown. >> reporter: palestinian border officials say three buses filled with 180 palestinian passengers ready to cross over to egypt. they waited for hours only to be told it wasn't going to happen. anger and frustration of dozens of gaza residents stormed the border crossing one week after egyptian hamas officials brokered a deal to open the crossing. it was shutdown unexpectedly saturday >> we came at five in the morning and got on the bus. we arrived at gate where we were shock odd to see it closed. >> reporter: people were an lloyd to pass freely for the first time in -- were allowed
5:15 pm
to pass freely for the first time in years. there was concern militants were entering gaza. meanwhile, in syria, human rights groups say syrian security forces killed at least 70 protesters friday during protests of the children of freedom in honor of 30 kids killed since the unrest began. at least 60 people were killed yesterday in the same place where syrian president assad's father crushed an armed revolt by killing at least 20,000 people. saturday, tens of thousands attended the funerals of the dead. more protests are expected. more than 1,000 people have been kill since the unrest began 11 weeks. protests are expected to continue. mideast experts wonder how long assad can continue to remain in power. >> gregg: reena, thanks very
5:16 pm
much. one of the most impoverished places in the world and yet one of the most beautiful. gaza perched on the mediterranean, infrastructure falling down, high unemployment. >> heather: it was in january when this started to unfold. egypt, tunisia and still going on. >> gregg: now yemen, syria, the entire region in turmoil. >> heather: serious concerns as europe's e. coli outbreak hits more americans. details on that coming up. >> gregg: disappointing unemployment numbers. the president ramping up his reelection campaign does a lousy economy necessarily equal a one term presidency? and what the president and his political rivals are saying about the economic recovery. >> if you had a bad illness if you got hit by a truck, you know, it is going to take a while for to you mend.
5:17 pm
>> i don't care who you are, republican or democrat you how to [ female announcer ] this is not a prescription. this is stacy. who runs circles around asthma. and d. he never lets high cholesterol get him too low. and amy with her arthritis well in hand. they goo walgreens... whe their pharmacist not only refills prescripons but gives advice... immunizations. and health tests. staying on p of your health starts right in your neighborhood.
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5:20 pm
. >> gregg: time for a quick check of the headlines. six americans may have been sickened. two cases involve american service members in germany, four others traveled to germany last month. >> dry and windy conditions are fueling two of the largest wildfires in arizona's history. so far the flames have burned more than 300 square miles, prompting evacuations. >> the actor who ruled the wild west on television has died. james arness passed away yesterday at the age of 88. he played matt dillon the marshal of dodge city on gun
5:21 pm
smoke. >> heather: the u.s. hit with lousy unemployment numbers this week. bad news for the million out of work. if history is any indication, not good news for president obama. in the past 30 plus years only president reagan won reelection when the unemployment rate was over 7%. right now the unemployment rate, more than 9%. 9.1. can president obama obama buck the trend in 2012? here now democratic strategist. and youth reach -- youth outreach director. thank you both for joining us. >> thank you. >> heather: justin i'll begin with you. can president obama buck this trend? will he be reelected? can he as unemployment numbers continue to be so large, if
5:22 pm
employment remains lousy, justin? >> it is going to be challenging for him. yesterday's employment report showing the economy only grew 54,000 jobs. it is proof that president obama's economic policies have failed the united states. his central promise was that he was going to spend 787 billion federal dollars. that happened over two years ago. hear we are with rising unemployment rates. over 14 mile beyond of our fellow americans are looking for work. over eight million have part-time jobs who want to work fulltime. president obama calls it a bump in the road. going to be -- it is going to be difficult for him to win given the fact that his economic policies have failed. hit alexandra what about that 787 billion dollar promise? >> let's not forget this is a deficit and economic crisis that president obama inherited. i think as you referred to in the opening, reagan example is the thing to look at. president reagan also
5:23 pm
inherited a terrible economic crisis. things weren't looking great for the first three years of his term. they turned around in time for a reelection. not only was he re-- was he reelected he was reelected in a landslide. certainly these numbers yesterday were disappointing. it is important to remember that president obama has added 2.1 million jobs to the economy since he talk office. last 15 months has seen growth every month. 83,000 private sector jobs were added this last month. local governments are continuing to have to make cuts in their employment numbers. that's what we are seeing come to effect here. plus, the crisis in japan and high energy prices have impacted the trajectory we were on, with solid, stable economic growth. nobody is saying these numbers weren't disappointing. but, like the president said, i do think this is just a slight uptick in the road to
5:24 pm
recovery. >> heather: i have to hold you to that for a moment. to compare to president reagan the difference being that the numbers were changing dramatically. people -- and quickly that's the difference. for the unemployment rate to sink below 8% before the next election, 17 months from now, 209,000 jobs would have to be created every month, between now and next november and even the most optimistic economists do not expect it to drop below 7.2% between now and november 12 -- 2012. given that reality what has the president done to create jobs quickly enough? >> first, tax cuts. zifferent tax cuts or incentives for small businesses. which as we know are the number one driver of economic growth. payroll tax cuts for workers. tax cuts for businesses. that has all played a huge role. i think part of what we're
5:25 pm
seeing is that the country is feeling very unsettled by a lot of these republican proposals for budget cuts. they are saying we are not cutting the right things. we are not being smart about reducing our budget. we are just slashing and burning our way through the country is seeing a lot of unease and unrest coming from the republican side. the gop house of representatives and gop presidential candidates are making president obama's reelection easier on what should be a fairly hard footing for him. his economic numbers. >> heather: justin, your response? >> fortunately, the american people gave the republicans control of the house. had they not do that, president obama and his allies in congress were pushing for a massive tax increase that would have hobbled and devastated our wobbleably economy. for thely, the -- person people have done that. we need to send more republicans to continue to do
5:26 pm
tax cuts. the american are not going to forget. when they needed their president to be focused on the economy he was ramming a hilt care reform proposal down america's throat that 26 states have now sued and is very unpopular. president obama's unpopularity on the economy is almost now as unpopular as the war in iraq with that unpopularity of his own economic policies he's going to have a very difficult time and he's going to have a lot of explaining to do come 2012. >> heather: following the killing of bin laden president obama's approval rating increased, no doubt. take a look at the fox news poll. on a list of top issues voters rank in level of importance: iraq, afghanistan, terrorism all of that near the bottom of priorities for the president and congress. the number one issue, by far the economy. justin, is this an indication, do you think that bump in the president's approval rating will be temporary and
5:27 pm
insignificant? >> well, yes, i do think some the number one issue we know is the economy. when you have 25 million americans who are unemployed or under employed, that is going to be the top issue. the fact that the president took his eye often ball in 2010, wasn't -- his eye off the ball in 2010. wasn't focused. the american people he walked out of the room and left the american people without any care, without any proper care. he ignored the economy in 2010. he was focused on getting health care reform approved. now americans 25 million are paying the price for his failure of leadership. >> heather: alexandra you are laughing. >> justin is rewriting history. it is important to point out that the reason why the president focused like a laser beam on health care is because of the rising increase in costs that americans are paying out-of-pocket. and the fact that it is
5:28 pm
becoming one of the most expensive sectors of our economy. just to go back, we are 17 months out from the presidential election. as justin knows that is a lifetime in american politics. i think people are going to be judging president obama on the totality of his leadership. on the totallive his performance and his vision -- certainly his leadership capabilities came into play with capturing and killing bin laden. no one is questioning his foreign policy credentials, certainly. president obama's approval rating not only has picked up, of course that's a fake bounce that he got a little after killing bin laden. but he is still above 50% against every possible gop contender. and over the next year, these laughable candidates in the gop start to beat up on each other even more, i think his reelection pros s are going to become more solidified. >> heather: we'll see, like
5:29 pm
you said 17 months out. thank you both. >> thank you. >> gregg: harsh news for a state with one of the world's largest economies. we are talking of course about california. now ing dead last money the 50 states as a good place to do business. casey stegall in los angeles. why is the business climate there so bad? oh gee, let me guess, taxes? >> reporter: you took the words out of my mouth. aside from high taxes. small business owners say high rent costs and extreme insurance rates are too much for them to tackle. california has one of the highest business tax indexes in the country. at nearly 50%, compare that to 12% next door in nevada. net serve systems in southern california provides it support for clients all over the world through their small call center. it has 28 employees.
5:30 pm
the owner tells me if he relocated to another state he would save more than $300,000 a year in taxes alone. for the seventh year in a row top 500 ceos around the country, ranked california the worst state to do business in. the best gregg, texas. >> gregg: yeah, don't you know about it. what is being done to fix that problem? >> reporter: this was a big issue on the gubernatorial campaign trail last fall. california lawmakers, republicans and democrats, just recently traveled to meet with leaders in texas. because the lone star state does consistently rank as one of the best places to do business. many california companies are packing up and relocating there. this delegation was hoping to learn a thing or two from texas governor rick perry. >> we need to introduce legislation that will be business-friendly. that will allow businesses to compete on a global scale.
5:31 pm
it costs 25% more to do business in california than the rest of the country. when you open a business in california, you are 25 cents on the dollar behind. >> reporter: boy, small business owners in california sure hope the state moves fast. some estimates show that about six companies are leaving the golden state and taking their business elsewhere, every single week. >> gregg: astonishing, they are fleeing. casey stegall, thanks very much. the parent company of hardy's and carl's, moving to texas. says it takes two years to open a franchise in texas i can do it in four months. >> heather: hard anywhere right now to start a business. >> gregg: but it macks it harder when the unions are killing -- but it macks it hard are they said the unions
5:32 pm
are killing me. i can't serve customers because my employees have to take a break every 10 minutes. >> heather: an e-mail scam is what we talk about next, targeting the white house. ho the fbi is now getting involved. did the hackers steal top secret information? >> gregg: plus, the casey anthony murder trial. a judge making critical decisions about evidence. could his moves make or break the case? what another judge is saying. he will be joining us. >> i haven't been crying everyday. inside, yeah, of course. but i'm keeping my wits about me and staying as strong as i can. the strongest i think i've ever been. i told you it was perfect for you guys. literally across the street from her sister. [ banker ] but someone else bought it before they could get their offer together. we really missed great opportunity -- dodged bullet there. [ banker ] so we talked to them about the wells fargo priority buyer preapproval. it lets people know that you are a serious buyer
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5:36 pm
kashmiri. rumored to be a long shot to succeed bin laden. >> the fbi is investigating a computer e-mail scam that google says started in china. targeting a number of white house staffers. administration officials do not believe any u.s. secrets were stolen. >> gregg: president obama remembering former secretary of state lawrence eagleburger. saying our nation has lost a distinguished diplomatic public servant. he was 80-years-old. >> new developments in the casey anthony murder trial. forensic expert testifying about a single strand of hair thousand in casey anthony's car. a key piece of evidence that could be a turning point in the case. >> that one hair is still something that you cannot say came from a dead person? >> i can't say absolutely that's the reason the characteristics are present, correct. >> gregg: presiding over the high profile case is judge belvin perry who has made some
5:37 pm
fascinating decisions so far. maybe controversial. including, letting the jury sigh these jailhouse conversations between casey anthony and her parents. how is the judge doing here now is judge ferrera host of the judge alex show on the big fox network. judge alex, good see you. >> you too. >> gregg: a lot of judges think hair testimony by experts kind of junk science. it is not always reliable. it is not always admits able this judge allowed it, right or wrong decision? >> i think it is the right decision. he's letting the jury decide the credibility of the witnesses. there's enough to admit it. i think in general judge has made good decisions throughout the case. a lot of judges shied away from tough rulings in death penalty cases because they are afraid of being reversed. so they end up leaning in favor of the defense because the state doesn't get the
5:38 pm
right to reverse you if the defendant is acquitted. he's not doing that. he's shooting down the middle. we he sees a ruling that should go against the defense he makes it like for instance those jailhouse tapes. obviously baez should have looked at those tapes, i don't believe he did. the disparaging statements that were made about how lee anthony did not believe that he had casey's interests at heart. he would have tried to keep that out, the tapes still would have come in. >> gregg: glad you brought up the defense attorney jose baez. as you know, he has limited experience. he hasn't been a lawyer that long. he hasn't tried a lot of big cases. already he's been sanctioned by the judge for failing to do something that is fundamental, criminal law 101, you've got to share your expert information with the other side. it is full disclosure, discovery and so forth, didn't do it. you have serious doubts about
5:39 pm
this guy's skills? >> umm, well, do i think he's in over his head? he might be. but he's got mason with him, he's a very experienced death penalty lawyer. so i think that he's probably fine in that regard. he's got a tough case. the evidence is circumstantial, but all of the circumstantial evidence points to casey. her defense, frankly, i got to believe she gave it to him and said that's what i'm going with. i can't imagine any lawyer would go with that defense. that defense will not work. not the way it is now. >> gregg: not only a defense that little caylee accidentally in the pool, but i covered it up, because of my father for years sexual lay abused me. and yet, judge take a listen to this jailhouse conversation. listen to this. >> it is not your fault. it isn't. we all do things out of love.
5:40 pm
>> tough love, i know. >> exactly it is not a bad thing. i want you to know that. you know how much i love you. how much i've always loved you. you will always be my buddy, and besides my dad. >> gregg: judge does that belie or negate her claim of abuse? >> of course the defense is going to claim, no it is typical of abuse victims. frankly, i think the jury is going to have a hard time believing that she was so traumatized by abuse she couldn't tell the police or tell the tñç about what happened to her daughter. yet saying loves her father, numerous times. and she leaves her child to be babysat by him. i think they got big problems. >> gregg: some have called into question the judge's decision to allow some of the tapes that were recorded before the defendant was given her miranda rights. did the judge make the right
5:41 pm
call on that one? >> i think he did. let's take the first recording that was done at the place of employment. the -- i don't care what the police call it that was an interrogation, not an interview. it has to be a custodial interrogation. she has to be in custody. that doesn't mean arrested that means a reasonable person would feel they are not tree to leave. you hear the officers say we're talking to you because you voluntarily want to talk to us and explain this to us and they put it on the record several times she was there voluntarily. they questioned her. it was a neutral place it wasn't at the police station it was to the place she took them to, i think he erred on the side of caution he let it in and i think that was the right move. >> gregg: judge, thank you. prosecutors say they expect to reach the halfway point of their case today. how are they doing so far? our legal panel will be
5:42 pm
weighing in. judge jeanine pirro brings in a body language expert to breakdown evident aspect of this case. i love that stuff, body language. on justice with janine at 9 p.m. eastern time, right here on the fox news channel. >> heather: coming up major developments in the case of a valedictorian, told she couldn't lead the crowd at her graduation in prayer. >> it does infringe upon my speech to be told what i can do and cannot say. so let's plant some perennials that'll turn up every year. trees and shrubs to give us depth. and fill it out with flowers placed in just the perfect place. let's start at the place with the best plants, people, and prices. what do youay we plant a weekend, water it, and watch a summer spring up? more saving.ore doing. that's the power of the home depot. we're lowering the cost of keeping the pests away,
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what's in wallet? so, you're a democrat right? >> gregg: stunning jailhouse conversations between casey anthony and her parents. could they tear apart new defense claims that caylee accidentally ed in her grandparents' pool. >> she is not gonna hurt caylee is she? >> no.
5:46 pm
i told you in my gut, i know she is still okay. i can feel it mom. i know she is still okay. we're gonna get our little girl back. >> gregg: let's bring in our legal panel. tad in all your years, have you ever seen a defendant that lies as much as this one? i'm not being unfair here. because even if you accept the defense version of events, they've got to admit she a prolific liar. >> it is amazing. there has never in the history of the world been a liar like this girl. she started lying from day one. she started off with her family. she went through the family. she went through her friends. she went to law enforcement. she has lied to everybody. i wouldn't be surprised if she has lied to her defense attorney. yes, she has dug herself a hole. >> gregg: rachel, i could hear the closing argument. my client is a liar, she is
5:47 pm
pat logical. but that doesn't make her a killer. -- that is going to be the closing argument isn't it? >> it is all he has to go on. this case is such a mess. we all knew it would be an uphill battle from the beginning. with these videotapes, i can't believe that a motion in limb nay wasn't done to keep them -- motion inlimb nay wasn't done to keep them out. they are so damaging. >> gregg: baby he didn't know any better because he hasn't been a lawyer in a big case for long. >> he has surrounded himself with strong attorneys here. that doesn't necessarily mean he's not able to do this work. you gotta learn somewhere. that is damaging. these videotapes coming in, just rips the whole thing apart. casey anthony has been had her own worst end any. i don't know -- i think --
5:48 pm
worst enemy. i don't know, i think she going to have to testify in this case. because attorney baez wrote all these checks in opening statement -- >> gregg: how else does the defense present the argument of sex abuse and the accidental drowning? the only one who could testify to that is the defendant. >> well, you're right. but the scariest thing is, if she gets on the stand and lies, none of us, nobody has heard anything, believes one word this woman has said. >> gregg: maybe she is a great actress when she takes the stand. >> she better be julia roberts. she horrible. she is going to get on that stand, go through utter nonsense. now we'll have a new stream of lies about the sexual assault in the family, drowning of the child. a bunch of more nonsense. when the jury and judge hears that you are going to have no choice but to give her the death penalty. that is what is so scary about her testifying.
5:49 pm
>> gregg: i want to play a jailhouse conversation. we learned the first day, the defense drops this big bombshell, caylee died accidentally in the pool. that was brought up while they were still searching for caylee. >> someone just said that caylee was dead this morning that she drowned in the pool. that is the newest story out there. >> surprise, surprise. >> gregg: exact a that ruins her claim of accidental drowning. -- exhibit a that ruins her claim of accidental drowning. >> it is like baez hasn't seen or heard that. mason is one of the best defense attorneys in the country. they are going to say drowning and laughed about it? the jurors, you get the feeling -- >> gregg: the jurors, you get the feeling, the e-mails and blogs, everybody hates the defendant for the kind of
5:50 pm
person she is. she is out partying for 30 one days while her daughter is either missing or dead. you have to -- put an expert on the tan about behavior, right? -- on the stand about behavior, right? >> yes. i think what the jury and everybody wants to hear from this case, because it is like a train wreck and everyone wants to watch it happen. they are going to want to hear from casey anthony. it is scary to imagine that. the problem is the attorney in his opening statement wrote so many checks that only casey anthony can cash through her testimony and it is major. at this point, what can you do? >> gregg: i'm up a hard break. the case goes on, fascinating rachel, tad, good to see you both. >> thank you so much. >> gregg: we'll be back with more. don't go away. k free. with mira. k free. with mira. it's clinically proven to relieve constipation and soften stool with no harsh side effects.
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>> gregg: have you heard about fox news channel's brand new ipad app it is now the number one free application at the app store. it was downloaded 32,000 times yesterday. bringing its three total to 122,000. users are giving it three -- giving it great reviews four out of five stars. check it out if you haven't already. it is really cool. >> heather: high school valedictorian inb.bqt texas getg the right to pray at her graduation tonight. it comes after a court bat between the medina valley independent school district and the family of an agnostic student which filed a lawsuit to try to stop prayer at the graduation. peter doocy has the story from washington. >> reporter: medina valley
5:55 pm
high valedictorian, angela set to give a speech tonight. thanks to the 5th u.s. circuit court of appeals she will be allowed to pray for her classmates during her remarks. >> it has been a great pwhrelg blessing to know the court has made the right decision and i will be able to pray. >> reporter: her wish granted after the district won an emergency appeal necessary following an agnostic family's lawsuit. they didn't want any praying while their kid was graduating they said it doesn't represent their beliefs. a judge initial lay that the valedictorian should be censured which said was upsetting. >> disappointing that a judge could tell me what i could and could not say in my own address. >> reporter: angela had one of her senators, her governor and her attorney general going to bat for her. as for the other side, americans united for separation of church and state they now say, students should
5:56 pm
be able to attend graduation ceremonies without being pressured to participate in worship. all children should feel welcome at this important event in their lives regardless of their opinions about religion. the agnostic family who filed suit has said if students are going to be praying at graduation their kid might not show up. either way the valedictorian says her speech will reflect on the past, how far her class has come and how bright their future looks. >> gregg: what do you think? >> heather: it goes either way if you agree with prayer and believe in prayer, you should be able to do that. >> gregg: free speech, first amendment. if the agnostics done like it, they don't have to show or earplugs. that will do it for us, rick folbaum, arthel neville take over at the top of the hour. >> heather: have a great evening. she felt lost...
5:57 pm
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>> rick: hello everybody i'm rick folbaum. >> arthel: and i'm arthel neville. >> rick: fair a patriot. remembering the life of former secretary of state lawrence eagleburg are. -- eagleburger. >> searching for the perfect gift for dad


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